the digital mason

reilly bell

Can Gothic be resurrected in the digital age?

For centuries Gothic architecture was the defining style of the western world, at its peak the it pervaded far beyond the confines of the church, being present in the most prominent buildings of the era. Though, like many of the styles that came before and after, Gothic has since diminished in relevance. The opportunity arises as new digital tools create new avenues of design exploration, they allow for increased complexity in design and a newfound ease in construction. This has narrowed the focus of architects to developments within this new digital realm, largely ignoring the architectural heritage of the past. Thus, the opportunity arises to explore the implications of drawing from the past as a guiding force for exploration in this new digital era. The thesis will focus primarily on the process of developing a parametric Gothic, which will be achieved through the implementation of design techniques made possible through digital tools. The implementation of Fractal patterning, mirrored symmetry, and varying methods of spatial distortion will be used to generate and develop the project, resulting in a pavilion which demonstrates these design concepts and process. The research aims to not only demonstrate the design implications of Gothic through parametric means but also ponders the question of relevance, relevance to whether or not the cultural importance of Gothic is still relevant in this dawning digital age.

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